Friday, 10 December 2010

Environmental Sustainability

So yes the gap between this post and the last has been rather wide, BUT as it's almost Christmas I of course had a project deadline at LCF, and the cherry on top, an essay on identity and social gender roles in culture! Fun! But this is my first official day of, hooorah!
Firstly here's a quick note on my project, which i completed this term. I had a brief set, to undertake research on sustainable materials, industry practices and the environmental impact the jewellery and fashion industry has on the world. So after much research and aloooooot of hard work I developed a piece made of entirely sustainable materials (second hand clothing, plywood and brass). Also as fast fashion and constant changes in trend are the main issues in industry and the cause of our throw away society, it is a piece which can be changed at your will!
So here I introduce 'Environmental Sustainability' By Francesca Smith...

Also just to big myself up just a little more I was given a 1st for it. Maybe this sustainability lark is worth carrying on with!

On another note I was lucky enough to have been given an invite to a Kenzo cocktail party, which I recently attended. Kenzo are currently celebrating their 40th anniversary and with it the release of their new and oh so beautiful book. I have to say this book is so visually overwhelming! Complete with designer illustrations, catwalk photography and even pop-up pages it's worth a look. But one huge draw back is that it costs a real pretty penny, so maybe wait till your library stocks it!

Finally it's only 2 weeks until Christmas. So as your frantically looking for that perfect gift, keep your friendly neighborhood jeweller in mind .... i.e. ME!
Ready to wear pieces are available at the website,


Friday, 5 November 2010

Sparkle and Bang

Hello all, yes, yes it was been a while but it's been difficult to find a spare moment in between self-employment, part-time employment and university. But I am here and ready to wow!

As usual I'm going to start on a 'ME' note, I know their your favourite and soon my head will grow too enormous for my tiny workshop but hey when and where else can a girl boast about her efforts.
So last month I was asked to present my pieces at the business launch for 'Skin & Tonic' a beauty therapy company, which I must say are very good as I have made a couple of visits. Me? Vain? No! Just like to stay acceptable to the eyes. Google the company they're great!
Here's a photograph of my mini set up at the event, and just to let you know if you need an added touch to an event? Just ask me! .... please!

Finally here is some light hearted fashion viewing, my current likes and loves, ENJOY!!


Katherine Alexander

Cavalli (Guess what it is! bracelet!)

Francesca Smith

Oh wait that's me, and for you my faithful readers and followers an exclusive preview of my 9 new pieces coming out very soon for Christmas!

Have a wonderful Bonfire night!!

Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Macs on Mac

So I havn't covered fashion week as much as I wanted! But before you start pointing the finger of SHAME, remember I'm a university student with summer work, a part time job and a business ... so busy (the definition of myself)! But before I ventured off to the lovely world of part time employment last night, I managed to catch the live broadcast of Burberry Prorsum on my trusty MacBook. Then again there was no way I was going to miss it, after all Burberry has become my new love. So how can I round up Burberry's Prorsum Spring / Summer 2011 catwalk show ...... erm .... AMAZING!
It just oozed sophisticated youth, with the classic Burberry Macs and neutral colours but now with even more bold flashes of colour drawing your unwitting eyes into outfits of pure inivation! So it's fair to say I loved it. I particularly liked the Alexander Mcqueen-esk influence with the lizard and animal prints. I do want every piece but none more so than in the finally leather jacket encrusted with studs, incredible!

Watch the show at,

Thursday, 16 September 2010

It's a Show!

So silly me completely forgot to mention London Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2011 starts tomorrow! It must be my old age ... 21 is the new 60! I'm going to try and keep up to date, try and blog and most definitely blog about my favorite ... Burberry! If you want to learn more about the scheduale and the designers showing this week visit the London Fashion week sight,

On another exciting note, myself and some of my class mates have been fortunate enough to have our work from last term posted on the London College of Fashion website! Take a look,

We are pioneers in the Fashion Jewellery Industry! Remember This Name and Hold This Space!

Monday, 13 September 2010

Chain, chain, chain

I have to admit it, recently I've been ... well ... normal! Seeing friends, socialising and chilling out. But whilst chilling out that little fashion switch within does not have an off option! So alarm bells rang wild when I saw this masterpiece worn by none other than the perfectly petite Kylie Minogue.

Maybe it's the chains! Every jewellery designer loves a bit of chain. But one thing is for certain ... I WANT I WANT!
Watch the video if you desire and marvel ...

On another note, what's this? ....

Yep it's me! I've been working on a very belated Autumn / Winter 2010 collection. I'm almost done and all that experience has definitely been worth my while because I think these pieces are by far by best in terms of ready to wear! Not too sure where I'm going to sell them first as I have an event I'll be selling at soon. So you online beauties may or may not have to wait in great anticipation ... of which I'm sure!
So for now remind yourself of what I do have on sale right now on the website ...

Yes this post is short and sweet but September is my month off, of reflection on this summer's work and preparing for year two of London College of Fashion, can't wait!
I will try my best to post another entry for this month though as it's my 21st birthday soon and will hopefully be visiting the "Fake Food & Fast Cars: The Pop Couture of Kate Forbes" at The Horse Hospital in our fair London before it finishes on the 2nd October.

Friday, 13 August 2010

Bathing in Business and Culture

It is pretty clear from my lack of posting, that Francesca (Frankie) Smith has been one busy button! So I hear you say ..... "Hark! She is busy?! How can a girl of only 20 be so busy?!?" .... Well I am one driven girl.

Firstly I have branched out even furthur into the world wide web and the business world and have opened my very own, very first, very real website! I am officially a, and to ensure I have not wasted my precious youth please pay it a visit!

There you will find all of my major pieces details about my work and my very own 'RW' By Francesca Smith, which is now on sale! So again take a look, you may find the piece of your dreams ... but please do invite me to the wedding!

Secondly I have been a rather lucky girl and have been on two little holidays! I went to Paris, my bit on the side (Don't tell London) and had a much needed injection of culture after feeling rather uninspired by England .... no offense my dear. Made a particularly satisfying visit to Montmartre, an all be it extremely touristy area but filled with artists and stunning views! A must if you ever do get the chance. It is actually where I recieved this pretty dam good sillhouette for my new logo (in true Bluepeter style...) as shown above.

Also who pays a visit to Paris the home of fashion without visiting Chanel! Not me that's for sure,

Also I have only just arrived home from the most BEAUTIFUL city of Bath. It is so so so worth a visit! Three prime locations to visit are most certainly The Fashion Museum, which must be said is better than The V&A's exhibit (again apologies London .... apologies!) You get a free audio guide which is pretty good, but it was the fact they mix the centuries old fashion with the very contemporary, highly recommended! Also when you go to Bath you obviously have to see the Roman Baths, if not you are a clear criminal! It is incredible, it takes alot to imagine it as it was because it is not in a very fit state, BUT to be in a place which was built over 2000 years ago and walked by an incredible ancient civilization is pretty dam amazing! Finally when visiting the Royal Cresent in Bath please do not be put off by the museum at No1's pricing. It is worth every penny every room has been reconstructed to the criteria of an upper class 18th century house and in each room is a very insightful guide who tells of facts you wouldn't dream were theasable .... i.e. that a pineapple then was around £450 which when translated to this day is £5,000 .... those crazy rich b***erds!

Finally if you hadn't thought that was enough to say I've been busy, I have just completed my second placement at The Bill Skinner Studio. Which I must say was soooo much fun and I was really quite sad to leave. They were a brilliant team and a much larger company than I had imagined, not realising they worked for comapnies such as Long Tall Sally, Lipsy and none other than the queen herself Vivienne Westwood! I was given the hard intern style jobs such as carding jewellery for presentation boards but was also given the most brilliant oppurtunity of being able to contribute some ideas towards Lipsy's Spring / Summer 2011 jewellery line. I would love love love to show off my designs but as I don't know if they are going to go through a regime of many meetings I'd like to avoid risking any copyright laws. But I do have a photograph of a very lovely Autumn / Winter 2011 trend board I put together there.

If you've reached the end of this post .... kudos and thank you! I know it's a long one but I don't want you lovely, gorgeous followers to thinking I've disappeared or even worse sat down for five minutes. I think it's pretty clear I've become a workaholic. Remember to check out my website and I also have a twitter account now if you'd like to hear me tweet on!

Thank you Petals!

Saturday, 3 July 2010

Being a London College of Fashion Student Ambassador

I've always contemplated teaching through my own academic career, but after this week I may reconsider. Don't get me wrong though, the kids were brilliant! Extremely creative and eager to try things out. The Staff were fabulous, friendly and helpful and the classes were interesting and I learnt a couple of things myself. So now your asking "So what was the problem? Hmmmm?!" .... Well ... my god! It was actually exhausting. I knew teaching was demanding but not to the extenet I had assumed. Also in this heat, you can imagine how exhausting it is!

Not following? Well this past week and another two days soon, myself and my fellow class mate Lili Coley (a very promising fashion jewellery design student) were asked by London College of Fashion to become 'Student Ambassadors'. A position which basically requires us to be encouraging to a class of young students (age 14 - 15) from a school in Hackney, to open their minds to the idea of creative design and jewellery and the possibility of pursuing a degree in creative design. It was good fun and it was lovely seeing them really enjoy themselves! So then again I can see why people choose to teach!

Lili Coley & Francesca Smith

Monday, 28 June 2010

Shaun Leane & 'Bling'

So for me it is finally the summer holidays, although for me it won't be much of a holiday. Lining up 3 placements this summer is beginning to feel exhausting, but as a workaholic I need my holy fix!
After handing in 'Anatomical Victorian' to the glorious London College of Fashion I had a spare two days until I received my mark (which by the way I couldn't have asked for a better mark ... ahem .... 1st!) so this was the perfect oppurtunity to attend the opening night of the new 'Bling' exhibition at The Victoria & Albert Museum of Childhood, in London's east end, Bethnal Green. Presenting the varried talents and styles of jewellers who live and work in the east end of London. Jewellery design by designers such as Oona Ball (My 3D Lecturer) and the brilliant Shaun Leane!
It's well worth a visit if your taking a trip, if not live in London, it's small so not too much work for the old noodle.
Curious? Then take a look at the V&A's website to find out more,

Wile at the opening night of 'Bling' one of my great idols was opening the show. Well as the museum was exhibiting his work it only seems fitting that Shaun Leane should open it! It must be said that I was a tad starstruck and it took some convincing from womenswear designer Sophie Caplan to get me talking to him. So glad she did because it must be said it was one of the highlights of my year!

(Sophie Caplan, Shaun Leane & Francesca Smith)

Never heard of Shaun Leane and his work? Well not only am I offended but I will enlighten you.
Jewellery Designer of the year for 2009 and two years previously, Shaun Leane has designed jewellery for fantastic designers such as Vivienne Westwood, John Galliano and most famously Alexander Mcqueen. A celebrity in the fashion and jewellery world!
Take a look at his website to learn more,

Monday, 21 June 2010

'Anatomical Victorian'

It has come at last, I have finally (with great relief) finished my first year! This has been a long time coming, technically having been a fresher for two years (Foundation first time around) being a second year is more than welcome ... I say that now, but you never know I could have got it exponentially wrong and completely failed (In contemporary slang terms 'EPIC FAIL!'). But on that beautiful note I would love to present my latest works, a collection of hand made brass and fabric pieces inspired by human muscles and Victorian frills. Presenting 'Anatomical Victorian' By Francesca Smith.

Let me know what you think. Leave a comment below, good, bad, constructive criticism is all welcome!

On the note of 'RW' by my fair self, I finally have time to photograph and upload images of the very varied collection (this may take a couple of days, so keep looking!). From tassels to chains, buttons to beads, take a look if your interested in owning a Francesca Smith original 'RW'. All pieces for sale and images of my professional work can all be found on Facebook at,!/group.php?gid=282702018675&ref=ts