Monday, 28 June 2010

Shaun Leane & 'Bling'

So for me it is finally the summer holidays, although for me it won't be much of a holiday. Lining up 3 placements this summer is beginning to feel exhausting, but as a workaholic I need my holy fix!
After handing in 'Anatomical Victorian' to the glorious London College of Fashion I had a spare two days until I received my mark (which by the way I couldn't have asked for a better mark ... ahem .... 1st!) so this was the perfect oppurtunity to attend the opening night of the new 'Bling' exhibition at The Victoria & Albert Museum of Childhood, in London's east end, Bethnal Green. Presenting the varried talents and styles of jewellers who live and work in the east end of London. Jewellery design by designers such as Oona Ball (My 3D Lecturer) and the brilliant Shaun Leane!
It's well worth a visit if your taking a trip, if not live in London, it's small so not too much work for the old noodle.
Curious? Then take a look at the V&A's website to find out more,

Wile at the opening night of 'Bling' one of my great idols was opening the show. Well as the museum was exhibiting his work it only seems fitting that Shaun Leane should open it! It must be said that I was a tad starstruck and it took some convincing from womenswear designer Sophie Caplan to get me talking to him. So glad she did because it must be said it was one of the highlights of my year!

(Sophie Caplan, Shaun Leane & Francesca Smith)

Never heard of Shaun Leane and his work? Well not only am I offended but I will enlighten you.
Jewellery Designer of the year for 2009 and two years previously, Shaun Leane has designed jewellery for fantastic designers such as Vivienne Westwood, John Galliano and most famously Alexander Mcqueen. A celebrity in the fashion and jewellery world!
Take a look at his website to learn more,

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