Monday, 21 June 2010

'Anatomical Victorian'

It has come at last, I have finally (with great relief) finished my first year! This has been a long time coming, technically having been a fresher for two years (Foundation first time around) being a second year is more than welcome ... I say that now, but you never know I could have got it exponentially wrong and completely failed (In contemporary slang terms 'EPIC FAIL!'). But on that beautiful note I would love to present my latest works, a collection of hand made brass and fabric pieces inspired by human muscles and Victorian frills. Presenting 'Anatomical Victorian' By Francesca Smith.

Let me know what you think. Leave a comment below, good, bad, constructive criticism is all welcome!

On the note of 'RW' by my fair self, I finally have time to photograph and upload images of the very varied collection (this may take a couple of days, so keep looking!). From tassels to chains, buttons to beads, take a look if your interested in owning a Francesca Smith original 'RW'. All pieces for sale and images of my professional work can all be found on Facebook at,!/group.php?gid=282702018675&ref=ts

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