Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Jewellery and Career is a Charming Combination

Hello my petals. This week is one which is very much overlooked, one which offers education, visual inspiration and very pretty things! Yes it's London Jewellery week! No it's not as well publicized as London fashion week but jewellery is on the rise so when it is as big as fashion week you can say .... "Oooh I heard about that years ago from Francesca Smith ... the jewellery designer." I will hopefully be visiting a couple of the events on the line up. Therefore hopefully have some coverage, which I will then post on here! If I have given you a thirst to learn more visit the website but be quick it has already started and finishes on Sunday.

On a different note, I have just secured a second placement for this summer. A very exciting one at that! Yes it's me, me, me time! I will be working in the design department of DCK Concessions, a company which designs, makes and supplies jewellery and accessories to high street stores. Stores such as Dorothy Perkins, Wallis (who I work for ... who are bloody brilliant!), Evans, Matalan and Macy's. But they also design the Freedom range in Topshop and the Diva range in Miss Selfridge! In other words .... Francesca can not flipping wait! Check out their website, or just look at their work next time your out spending that well earned wonga!

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