Sunday, 16 May 2010

Patience and Groping.

Hello Friends, family, lovers and stalkers! Yes it has been a while since we last made contact (not in a UFO sense). So first things first, I Francesca Smith am .... ahem ... Sorry. For this long drawn out period of will she won't she ever release her new pieces. Well studying at London College of Fashion has been a lot more, scratch that, astronomically busier this term than I had anticipated. Don't take this apology for granted! It doesn't happen that often.
So to make up for the neglect of this most precious of blogs (yes I'm narcissistic towards my work) and this prolonged wait for Francesca Smith's new 'line', here is a supremely sneaky peak at the new style of 'RW'.
This was a comission which I took great pride in making and hope the buyer is enjoying these bad boys. Introducing 'Admiral'. A pair of clip on earings made from vintage 1940's buttons and silk effect cord.

Also during a very brief moment of free time I did the ultimate internet sin. I Googled myself. Yes, yes I did it, but with a lovely search result. 'Remember This Name and Hold This Space' is number 2 on Google blog search, when I type in 'Francesca Smith' the name my parents blessed me with (thank you Mum and Dad).

Finally on my last but beautiful note. On a recent project review with Rob Phillips, creative director of London College of Fashion I was given a great gift of knowledge in the form of Hussein Chalayan . Yes a most magnificent fashion designer, his ideas are most definitely out of the box and his designs blow the dust out of your fashion thirsty minds. It was not clear to my visually impaired eyes until Rob kindly pointed it out, but groping is taken to an all new level by Chalayan. Enjoy.

Also please enjoy this extraordinary video (Spring / Summer 2007).

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