Monday, 19 April 2010

Growth and Acid Trips

Entry number 20! That is also my age and it is the 20th tomorrow! This is beginning to become very mildly coincidental. So I should really save this for tomorrow to add to the effect, but I'm a creative mind. Impatience is the primary characteristic of my species.
So obviously I have been rather busy hence the lack of blogging, but all with good cause! I've already had two comissions before even releasing my new line and been busy getting ready to go back to LCF (Oh how I have missed her this past month!). Also due to popular demand I have started to put together a small catalog of my 'RW By Francesca Smith' lines. Oh oo also I now have business cards, admittedly they're not the correct dimensions, but hey their homemade! The intent is there.

Anyway back to the new line, it's coming along nicely. I am trying to fit in the hours in between work, university, internship applications, as well as social and domestic bliss. But it's getting there! 6 and a 1/2 pieces so far, so half way there! I will set a launch date when I have some idea of when it will be and I will also attempt to upload the catalog as a PDF (attempt being the operative word) it not as images. But here's a bit of a sneaky preview as I know I have creative minded friends (remember they are impatient).

Finally just to leave you on a fashion high and to tide you over until launch day, hello Blumarine! Acid candy, is what I say and oh my lord is it tasty!

Delicious rings. Never mind the toxic plastic I'd eat them anyway.

But wait one moment! Is this an earcuff by the marines? Yes? I believe we have something in common here! I want one!!!!

German Vogue agrees too.

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