Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Patience and Previews!

Merry Easter everybody! Yes, I haven't made a peep in a while, but it is all in good cause! I have been working ever so hard on my new 'Ready to Wear' (Now creatively named 'RW') over the last few weeks. The aim is to create 12 - 15 new pieces, all of which are made from components of discarded jewellery as well as the brand new. I can't preview my work just yet as I haven't whipped out my trusty Cannon camera and become trigger happy! But soon my petals soon, patience is key and a most attractive of virtues. So to tide you all over and to give you an idea of the scale of which this new project has become here is a lovely view of my microcosm of a workshop.

Now on another note here are a few photographs from a shoot I helped my very best friend Sophie Caplan out with. Her design being based on horses and riding she asked for a small contribution from 'Hunter' boots in return for some photographs of the finished article and the full look. I love working with this very talented young lady and hope to one day collaborate with her as I keep saying (Hint, Hint.)

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