Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Patience and Previews!

Merry Easter everybody! Yes, I haven't made a peep in a while, but it is all in good cause! I have been working ever so hard on my new 'Ready to Wear' (Now creatively named 'RW') over the last few weeks. The aim is to create 12 - 15 new pieces, all of which are made from components of discarded jewellery as well as the brand new. I can't preview my work just yet as I haven't whipped out my trusty Cannon camera and become trigger happy! But soon my petals soon, patience is key and a most attractive of virtues. So to tide you all over and to give you an idea of the scale of which this new project has become here is a lovely view of my microcosm of a workshop.

Now on another note here are a few photographs from a shoot I helped my very best friend Sophie Caplan out with. Her design being based on horses and riding she asked for a small contribution from 'Hunter' boots in return for some photographs of the finished article and the full look. I love working with this very talented young lady and hope to one day collaborate with her as I keep saying (Hint, Hint.)

Monday, 22 March 2010

Hold On!

I am an avid lover of the clutch bag on a evening or night out, cute, handy and easy access when reaching for your ID or that hard earned cash then exchanged for that long awaited cocktail. But while trawling through the internet I found the mother of all clutch bags. Several which have solved the most flawed of aspects, holding the dam thing! Good Lord it does become an indurance test! But say hello to gorgeous inivations of holding this must have accessorie created by brilliant minds.

Roberto Cavalli

Alexander Mcqueen

Alexander Mcqueen

And staying on the note of Mcqueen, I adore this sinister yet glamorous knuckle duster. A desire shared by a fellow knuckle duster designer.

Lulu Guiness (Admittedly it hasn't got a ergonomic handle, but it is yummy!)

On another and exciting note I read the most fabulous article informing me that one of my new favourite designers Henry Holland, designer of House of Holland has designed a ready to wear range for Debenhams and my gosh it is devine! When it comes to the Spring/Summer season colour is my lover, and I often look like a rainbow nightmare and this new (very affordable) range has got my blood pumping! Don't believe me then take a eye full of this.

But a word of warning! Do not get there before me otherwise I will wage retail war on you!

Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Empire of the Sun and 'Cell'

No not the band, it's the gorgeous sunshine reining over London and Kent today! Yes, noted it is still just cold enough to have to wear that now stale smelling coat, but it is most certainly enough to get me thinking about the coming Spring/Summer season especially with the ripe smell of spring oozing from the daffodils in my living room. Begin rediscovering the nearly forgotten treasures of summertime warmth like the sandals you lived in, the sunglasses and the garments which scream summer lust!

I know, I know it has been a long time since I've blogged my faithful friends and followers but I have been locked away enthusiastically working away at my latest project. Well hand in was yesterday and as I promised here is a premier preview of my final piece. It was a long slog, with tears, mishaps, and a dumper truck full of stress, but I can safely say it was worth it. I've learnt alot through personal errors and classes and have grown a little bit more as a jewellery designer.
So I will let the suspense end, presenting 'Cell' by Francesca Smith.