Saturday, 3 July 2010

Being a London College of Fashion Student Ambassador

I've always contemplated teaching through my own academic career, but after this week I may reconsider. Don't get me wrong though, the kids were brilliant! Extremely creative and eager to try things out. The Staff were fabulous, friendly and helpful and the classes were interesting and I learnt a couple of things myself. So now your asking "So what was the problem? Hmmmm?!" .... Well ... my god! It was actually exhausting. I knew teaching was demanding but not to the extenet I had assumed. Also in this heat, you can imagine how exhausting it is!

Not following? Well this past week and another two days soon, myself and my fellow class mate Lili Coley (a very promising fashion jewellery design student) were asked by London College of Fashion to become 'Student Ambassadors'. A position which basically requires us to be encouraging to a class of young students (age 14 - 15) from a school in Hackney, to open their minds to the idea of creative design and jewellery and the possibility of pursuing a degree in creative design. It was good fun and it was lovely seeing them really enjoy themselves! So then again I can see why people choose to teach!

Lili Coley & Francesca Smith

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