Friday, 13 August 2010

Bathing in Business and Culture

It is pretty clear from my lack of posting, that Francesca (Frankie) Smith has been one busy button! So I hear you say ..... "Hark! She is busy?! How can a girl of only 20 be so busy?!?" .... Well I am one driven girl.

Firstly I have branched out even furthur into the world wide web and the business world and have opened my very own, very first, very real website! I am officially a, and to ensure I have not wasted my precious youth please pay it a visit!

There you will find all of my major pieces details about my work and my very own 'RW' By Francesca Smith, which is now on sale! So again take a look, you may find the piece of your dreams ... but please do invite me to the wedding!

Secondly I have been a rather lucky girl and have been on two little holidays! I went to Paris, my bit on the side (Don't tell London) and had a much needed injection of culture after feeling rather uninspired by England .... no offense my dear. Made a particularly satisfying visit to Montmartre, an all be it extremely touristy area but filled with artists and stunning views! A must if you ever do get the chance. It is actually where I recieved this pretty dam good sillhouette for my new logo (in true Bluepeter style...) as shown above.

Also who pays a visit to Paris the home of fashion without visiting Chanel! Not me that's for sure,

Also I have only just arrived home from the most BEAUTIFUL city of Bath. It is so so so worth a visit! Three prime locations to visit are most certainly The Fashion Museum, which must be said is better than The V&A's exhibit (again apologies London .... apologies!) You get a free audio guide which is pretty good, but it was the fact they mix the centuries old fashion with the very contemporary, highly recommended! Also when you go to Bath you obviously have to see the Roman Baths, if not you are a clear criminal! It is incredible, it takes alot to imagine it as it was because it is not in a very fit state, BUT to be in a place which was built over 2000 years ago and walked by an incredible ancient civilization is pretty dam amazing! Finally when visiting the Royal Cresent in Bath please do not be put off by the museum at No1's pricing. It is worth every penny every room has been reconstructed to the criteria of an upper class 18th century house and in each room is a very insightful guide who tells of facts you wouldn't dream were theasable .... i.e. that a pineapple then was around £450 which when translated to this day is £5,000 .... those crazy rich b***erds!

Finally if you hadn't thought that was enough to say I've been busy, I have just completed my second placement at The Bill Skinner Studio. Which I must say was soooo much fun and I was really quite sad to leave. They were a brilliant team and a much larger company than I had imagined, not realising they worked for comapnies such as Long Tall Sally, Lipsy and none other than the queen herself Vivienne Westwood! I was given the hard intern style jobs such as carding jewellery for presentation boards but was also given the most brilliant oppurtunity of being able to contribute some ideas towards Lipsy's Spring / Summer 2011 jewellery line. I would love love love to show off my designs but as I don't know if they are going to go through a regime of many meetings I'd like to avoid risking any copyright laws. But I do have a photograph of a very lovely Autumn / Winter 2011 trend board I put together there.

If you've reached the end of this post .... kudos and thank you! I know it's a long one but I don't want you lovely, gorgeous followers to thinking I've disappeared or even worse sat down for five minutes. I think it's pretty clear I've become a workaholic. Remember to check out my website and I also have a twitter account now if you'd like to hear me tweet on!

Thank you Petals!

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