Monday, 13 September 2010

Chain, chain, chain

I have to admit it, recently I've been ... well ... normal! Seeing friends, socialising and chilling out. But whilst chilling out that little fashion switch within does not have an off option! So alarm bells rang wild when I saw this masterpiece worn by none other than the perfectly petite Kylie Minogue.

Maybe it's the chains! Every jewellery designer loves a bit of chain. But one thing is for certain ... I WANT I WANT!
Watch the video if you desire and marvel ...

On another note, what's this? ....

Yep it's me! I've been working on a very belated Autumn / Winter 2010 collection. I'm almost done and all that experience has definitely been worth my while because I think these pieces are by far by best in terms of ready to wear! Not too sure where I'm going to sell them first as I have an event I'll be selling at soon. So you online beauties may or may not have to wait in great anticipation ... of which I'm sure!
So for now remind yourself of what I do have on sale right now on the website ...

Yes this post is short and sweet but September is my month off, of reflection on this summer's work and preparing for year two of London College of Fashion, can't wait!
I will try my best to post another entry for this month though as it's my 21st birthday soon and will hopefully be visiting the "Fake Food & Fast Cars: The Pop Couture of Kate Forbes" at The Horse Hospital in our fair London before it finishes on the 2nd October.

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