Friday, 10 December 2010

Environmental Sustainability

So yes the gap between this post and the last has been rather wide, BUT as it's almost Christmas I of course had a project deadline at LCF, and the cherry on top, an essay on identity and social gender roles in culture! Fun! But this is my first official day of, hooorah!
Firstly here's a quick note on my project, which i completed this term. I had a brief set, to undertake research on sustainable materials, industry practices and the environmental impact the jewellery and fashion industry has on the world. So after much research and aloooooot of hard work I developed a piece made of entirely sustainable materials (second hand clothing, plywood and brass). Also as fast fashion and constant changes in trend are the main issues in industry and the cause of our throw away society, it is a piece which can be changed at your will!
So here I introduce 'Environmental Sustainability' By Francesca Smith...

Also just to big myself up just a little more I was given a 1st for it. Maybe this sustainability lark is worth carrying on with!

On another note I was lucky enough to have been given an invite to a Kenzo cocktail party, which I recently attended. Kenzo are currently celebrating their 40th anniversary and with it the release of their new and oh so beautiful book. I have to say this book is so visually overwhelming! Complete with designer illustrations, catwalk photography and even pop-up pages it's worth a look. But one huge draw back is that it costs a real pretty penny, so maybe wait till your library stocks it!

Finally it's only 2 weeks until Christmas. So as your frantically looking for that perfect gift, keep your friendly neighborhood jeweller in mind .... i.e. ME!
Ready to wear pieces are available at the website,


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