Friday, 5 November 2010

Sparkle and Bang

Hello all, yes, yes it was been a while but it's been difficult to find a spare moment in between self-employment, part-time employment and university. But I am here and ready to wow!

As usual I'm going to start on a 'ME' note, I know their your favourite and soon my head will grow too enormous for my tiny workshop but hey when and where else can a girl boast about her efforts.
So last month I was asked to present my pieces at the business launch for 'Skin & Tonic' a beauty therapy company, which I must say are very good as I have made a couple of visits. Me? Vain? No! Just like to stay acceptable to the eyes. Google the company they're great!
Here's a photograph of my mini set up at the event, and just to let you know if you need an added touch to an event? Just ask me! .... please!

Finally here is some light hearted fashion viewing, my current likes and loves, ENJOY!!


Katherine Alexander

Cavalli (Guess what it is! bracelet!)

Francesca Smith

Oh wait that's me, and for you my faithful readers and followers an exclusive preview of my 9 new pieces coming out very soon for Christmas!

Have a wonderful Bonfire night!!

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