Wednesday, 30 March 2011


Put the phone down and stop dialing '999', I am alive I assure you. Although after these past couple of months I feel more like a zombie than a human being. So what have I been up to I hear you cry!? Well in between the struggles of family life and working part time I have been striking it lucky and working my body and mind to the point of destruction at the fabulous world of London College of Fashion.
So let me start with my first slice of exciting news, well not so much news anymore, more like ancient history in the fashion world. After entering a competition by the fabulously affordable 'Look' magazine, I was lucky enough to win tickets to fashion weeks 'The Look Show' set up by the magazine. Now if you knew me you would know I'm not much of a winner, in my life I have only won £10 on the lottery and a pass the passel game when was 5 years old. So when I found out I won a pair of tickets out of 50 available tickets ..... and wait for it ....... over 40,000 applicants, I must say this was a win! How was it? It was brilliant! A beautiful taster of what fashion week can be, without having to be Miss IT girl. Admittedly it was little sad to watch B - Z list celebrities soak up any drop of attention they could get, but free champagne and a jam packed goody bag worth at least £100 was a cherry on top of a splendid high-street cake.

I appologise for the somewhat blurry photography but an SLR is still not quite in my budget, one day, one day.
So this can't be the only reason you have been a missing person for so long, I hear you ask?! Well no, this term at LCF we were given an exciting brief to use a 'Fashion Tribe' as inspiration to create innovative new designs for the traditional use of chains and clasps within fashion jewellery. I chose to look at the oh so glamorous 'Pin-up' tribe. This was a very time consuming project and one of importance as it counts as a third of my 2nd year grade. I haven't recieved my feedback as of yet but I would like to introduce 'Lola' and you can give me your own feedback!

If you have reached this far in reading this post, congratulations and thank you! Just one final note, before I hibernate for the next couple of days to recuperate! If you haven't already noticed the blog now has a new look to match my website, which has also had a tip and tuck, please pay it a visit and keep your eye out for new pieces going on sale ...

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