Monday, 1 February 2010

Burberry Resurrection

Now we all know the Burberry print has been cruely stolen and slandered through the garments of baseball caps and hooded jumpers. But my friends Burberry has been revived with the sweet breath of youth! After watching the London Fashion Week catwalk show last year for the spring/summer 2010 collection (On my Mac screen not in person, being a working class student and all) it became very clear that Burberry is back with avengence and set to re-egnite young, classic, time less, elegance. Adding to this breath of fresh air they have cleverly picked Emma Watson to kick start their two latest campaigns, which I must add the spring/summer 2010 campaign screams youth with ear piercing style. Overall I love, well done Burberry!

I highly recommend a sneak peak at

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