Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Work, Play, Satisfaction?

I have just purchased a new tool. A new jeweller's toy of dreams! Oh yes, a magnificent multitasking instrument which has truly turned my bedroom desk into a microcosm of a workshop, a mini workshop I have longed for. A Rc230x Drill Kit With Flexi Drive Set, a thing of pure sunshine yellow beauty. It drills, it polishes, it buffs and it burns a flame of love in my jeweller's soul! Now all I need is a blow torch.... thinking ... contemplating ... hoping ... predominantly dreaming!

Here's a little heads up! I'm currently working on a new line of 'Ready to Wear' (Think I need to christen the line soon) jewellery. The girls at work have had a sneak preview ... think tassels, mixed media, marvels.

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