Sunday, 7 February 2010

Ready to Wear

So admittedly some of my pieces are pretty out there and I must confess a little contraversial, but I also make pieces which are extremely wearable. Originally made for friends and family for birthday's and Christmas's when the purse strings were a tad tight, my 'Ready to Wear' pieces soon became a hit and have commissioned and sold a few pieces and some in support of different charities.
I was recently asked by a friend at work if I could compose a 'catalog' per-say so she could get an idea of what I have and can do, (a customer!). So here are a few photographs of some pieces I have sold, given as gifts and still have (If your interested).

Nearly all of these pieces are made out of discarded beads and buttons as well as recycled jewellery. Ethical fashion is the way forward, so consider me green my friends it's important we all jump on this band wagon.


  1. haha hey, check you out, these are really good hun, you should totally do a photoshoot with these pieces....

  2. yeah i agree with bobby. if u want il sort u out! im doing photography now lol. think ur work is awesome. especially loving the cell piece u recently made!! x glad u are well! miss u miss! oh btw this is kirsty wood using my boyfriends profile!! xxxx