Saturday, 20 February 2010

London Fashion Week Commences

"It's the most wonderful time of the year!" No it's not Christmas it's London Fashion Week and I'm all over it like a fashion obsessed rash. Yesterday was day one in this visual extravaganza and here is my conclusion.

Simple chic has never look so sexy, Hakaan has certainly got this tricky equation oh so very right. Leaving some to the imagination but provoking those lusty thoughts, I particularly love the elegant yet intricate structures and the sumptuous textures.

Finally Sass & Bide are now in my top 20 favourite designers, what place specifically I cannot say as commitment is not in my nature. Monochrome is the key word this season and elegant geometry is it's wife and together they produce subtle sophistication with a dash of that most desired of elixirs, youth. Last season their collection blew me away so I was sure to catch their catwalk show live (From the trusty MacBook) and my eyes were very much satisfied by this sumptuous meal of fur, intricate knotting, surface textile and embellishment. All in all a delectable 26 course meal which cannot be missed!

Make sure to feast your eyes on next seasons coming styles at...

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