Sunday, 24 January 2010


So I have recently started a new project at LCF on 'Multiples'. Originally nothing came immediately to mind when I heard this word so I aimlessly began drawing flower petals, chains and pine cones, all of which hold multiples. Still at a loss I mind mapped my ideas in my usual fashion, righting evrything I'm thinking because my poor little brain can not deal with so many thoughts. Whilst carrying out my brain relief exercise I thought about animals and humans, their multiples, well there's bones and teeth, but I have already looked at these aspects in past work. Then it hit me what is the biggest mass collection of multiples of a person? CELLS! This is probably the point where I became extremely over excited, and I tell you now there are some really interesting pieces of microscopic photography out there, especially at the Wellcome Collection in Euston Road, which was very rewarding I must add. I think this is probably the only time in my academic career myself and my brother, the chemist, will ever see eye to eye in terms of our careers. Although I'm not so interested in the equations, more so how beautiful some of the slides I have seen are.
Anyway to further my research into biological cells I took a day trip by myself, to willingly take an interest in science. (This I must add has not happened since I was doing my AS level three years ago.) I went to the Wellcome collection as I said and I also went to the Science Museum in London, which coincidentally is also part of the Wellcome trust.
Now I'm not going to post the photographs I'm going to use for my research and design process because that will just ruin the end result, so I'm keeping (the probably not so tense) suspense, but here are some pretty great pieces of science and art.
I must add by the end of the day I was feeling rather queezy, admittedly I do love to learn about body parts and biology especially using it in my work, but there is only so much a girls stomach can take. Although I highly recommend a visit to both the exhibitions!

A Sculpture of a future obese person, interesting.

An Actual slice of a person! Yes that used to be a woman!

A very real, amazingly preserved mummy!

A particular favourite of mine, a hat made out of skull and bone.

A Shrunken Head.

A genuine Human hand and Human arm preserved with injected wax.

Interesting I would say but I'm sure people will see this as grotesque or hideous, but why? Why not embrace the very fibre of our actual being. I challenge you to think outside the box and into reality.

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