Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Fresh Ideas

Yesterday my 2D class took a brief trip to the V&A in London and to a student exhibition elsewhere in London. A lot of the work in at the student show was pretty inspiring, innovation is definitely the word, amazing what fresh minds can do. A particular piece which caught my eye was an almost, harness back piece, made of fur straps and tusks, it's not as sexual or bestial as it sounds, but it was very impressive. I do have a photograph, but I won't post it, just in case there are some idea stealers reading!
There was a particular set of pieces in the Victoria & Albert Museum which did catch my eye during our very brief visit.
I love it, it's like there is water of milk being poured out of the jugs. An antique at heart, but I think this could be translated into contemporary jewellery easily, it seems everyone loves something a little unusual today.

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