Thursday, 14 January 2010


So I've given you a short incite into my idea of positive fashion jewellery, it's clear I like diversity and not so simple ideas, and love the use of unusual materials (birds, feathers and what not), Influences. So how influential you ask?

This is one half of my work from my foundtion year. I'm one proud puppy, it was a project on displaying and celebrating life through adornment and jewellery. Quite ironic really that the flowers I used were murdered by a florist. Made in the traditional method of silversmithing and with the help of a very nice technician, I achieved this by using brass, copper and silver plating and not forgetting made with finger numbing toil.

Here is the other half of that very fulfilling project, in keeping with the theme of life and adornment I chose to take a more contemporary approach. By casting frozen mice (from a snake shop, not caught by me as one foolish person has asked) to make a mold, I created replicas using resin and connected them together with a combination of wire and string to create an over sized brooch with a controversial appearance, but with a positive meaning.
This project is what made me realise what I love, and the marker of my starting pistol.

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  1. Beautiful flower-ring I can undersand way you feel like one proud puppy...