Friday, 15 January 2010

The beginings

So today at LCF we did a spot (it's a pun, wait for it) of spot welding (smooth I know). So while re-acquainting myself with this quite frightening piece of high voltage equipment, accompanied with a pair of safety goggles and heat resistant gloves, I remembered I did quite a lot of experimental pieces last year. Including spot welding as well as some found object work and silversmithing. Pieces I had completely forgotten about up until this point. Admittedly they are pretty unfinished and unrefined but none the less I managed to make some interesting and not so traditional pieces, it was all very experimental.

Bizarre looking pieces I know, but this was me experimenting with the idea of ear cuffs using metal rods, plates and spot welding to create each one. A futuristic alternative to the traditional earring. Although not completely conventional it did get me thinking about adornment alternatives.

Yes, you guessed right this is a ring encapsulating a lock of hair. From the same project as my 'Hand Vase' and 'Mouse' brooch, the idea behind this piece is the adornment and preservation of life. A box constructed from acrylic/perspex attached to a cast ring, this piece contains a lock of dogs hair. Again out there, but again experimental, and I again I love it!

This necklace was a simple two minute job, constructed from found objects. A piece of driftwood from Cornwall, a length of wire and ribbon, the idea of this was encapsulation, like the 'Hair' ring.

Finally this is a final piece produced for a short project I did at Rochester. The idea is distressing, and making the beautiful into something raw. This piece is based on a locket, usually beautiful with intricate detail, I chose to make a locket of raw appearance. Made with the help of a brilliant tutor and technician in the famous Goldsmithing, Silversmithing & Jewellery department at UCA, this piece is a block of highly distressed wood, sitting inside a silver plated shell, with a rubber and silver plated plug which seals a small compartment. The piece is hung from a length of suede.

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